Which POS System is Best for Your Business?


Whether it’s a cell phone or a new home computer, we are constantly being bombarded with new features and functions on electronic devices that weren’t available before.  While it’s great to have access to all this new stuff, it comes down to one important question: how important are these features to you?

Each individual customer is unique and different. While some POS apps and programs work for some, they may not work for others.  Contrary to what you may think, not all POS is equal so do your homework.

What makes your business run smoothly?  What are the pain points you truly need addressed?  Some POS companies will show you all the fancy new sizzle to keep you from focusing on what you ultimately need because that stuff is boring to look at – but it’s important you know it works for you!

Choosing the Right POS System – What Matters and What Doesn’t

When it comes to purchasing a POS system that works best for your business, take the following into consideration:

1. While newer features and functions may seem nice, how necessary are they in regards to the day to day operations of your business?

Don’t allow yourself to be sold on features that serve no purpose for your business. Put together your “POS Wish List” before starting the evaluating process.  If the sizzle turns out to be the icing on the cake – all the better!

There are two areas to start thinking about, the pain you are having in your current environment and the stuff you take for granted that makes your business run smoothly.  Those often focus in on some key areas:

  • End of day processing
  • Day-to-day system maintenance
  • Staff/end-user training
  • Reports

Other optional areas to consider if they apply to your business:

  • Inventory management
  • Mobile processing
  • Payroll processing

Make sure they take care of this stuff before they sell you the sizzle.

2. How can they all say that they’re easy to use?

Many POS systems can appear to have the same features and functionality when looking at a website or listening to a sales rep.  Take the time see a comprehensive demonstration of the product.  Ask them to show you an example of the tasks you and your staff find challenging today, also ask them to show you things you take for granted today (what if you assume “they have that” and they don’t).  Most importantly, and we can’t stress this enough, talk to references.  Talk to more than one.  Ask them if they face the same challenges you do.  Can that be handled on the POS?  How easy is it?  Do you find the reports comprehensive? Etc…  I know you’re going to say that you are extremely busy merchants and don’t have the time, but knowledge is power people!

3. Service and Support

You’re thinking this article is about functionality and here I am discussing service and support, what’s up? Stuff happens.  It’s a busy day, your staff is in the weeds and a problem pops up with the POS.  After doing some meditation you calmly call your POS vendor’s support line.  Is that something you dread?  Will you get the help you need?

Again, ask references.  How is the support staff to deal with?  Do they get your problem solved?  What is the process?

Find the Right POS System for Your Business

Some business owners don’t look beyond a POS system as being more than a cash register. A POS is an investment in your company, sometime it’s the second largest investment you will make in the business. Why not make the most out of your POS system by managing every aspect of it, from front of house to back office.  Like you tell your kids, you only get out of school what you put into it – the same goes for POS.  It’ll pay you back ten times over when you invest your time to familiarize yourself with how it can help you.

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