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LionWise POS and 3 reasons why you need POS for your restaurant

LionWise POS…Everything you need, and nothing you don’t

One of the major complaints of any restaurant (that doesn’t use LionWise POS) is that the food takes to long to come out of the kitchen. No matter how great the food eventually tastes the customer gets hungrier and hungrier thus resulting in an overall unhappy dining experience. Even worse is if the server gets the order wrong (usually from messy handwriting on an order). Avoid this unpleasant experience and let your friends at LionWise ensure a great dining experience.

Increase service speed

Use Lionwise POS to serve customers quickly and accurately. The LionWise POS system’s easy-to-use graphical interface makes order entry, check splitting and credit card processing simple. Get the order right the first time or you may lose that customer forever.

Generate greater customer loyalty

LionWise POS helps staff deliver superior customer service that wins repeat business. The system can also increase gift card sales, which can be a major source of revenue to any restaurant or retail business.

LionWise POS is the only system that has a fully-integrated mobile-to-pos option with our partners at Loyaltree… Check them out here

Increase sales

Faster check processing equals more table turnovers and shorter customer lines, increasing revenue at every meal service you operate. In addition, you can create incentives for your staff for up selling desserts or any particular items you may wish to promote. The great part is that the system does this for you.

You have a one-time investment in a tool that will increase your sales for a lifetime.

LionWise POS increases your sales and decreases your costs, now what could be better than that?

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LionWise POS…Everything you need, and nothing you don’t

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