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Anyone purchasing a POS system should be very careful if that POS Company tries to make you go with their credit card processor exclusively. Typically that means that they are making residuals off of your credit card processing. Someone has to pay for these residuals, which means the merchant. It also prevents you from getting the lowest rates possible. Some POS companies also make it difficult for you to use the credit card provider of your choice.

 You should also look at total cost of ownership. The only cost that you would have for year two is the $495 for the renewal of our Help Desk, which includes all software upgrades. Many POS companies have a charge for Help Desk and another separate charge for software upgrades.

LionWise POS

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Only after you have purchased their POS system will you be told that you will need to pay for the additional services that you have to have to need in order to have your POS system usable in your business. A LionWise investment is a total package providing the customer with all of the necessary training and implementation up front. We feel that the better trained our customers are, the fewer support calls we will receive after installation. That’s a win for our customers and a win for LionWise.

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