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Eliminate technology-related service interruptions. When you purchase your POS system, you should insist that it come with Solid State technology. What is solid state technology? Quite simply it means that there are no moving parts inside of the POS terminal. (Generally things that move are most likely to break). If you’ve ever had a hard drive crash, you understand that you don’t even want that possibility in your restaurant or retail operation. A solid state unit vs. a POS unit with a hard drive will typically cost you between $250 and $400 per terminal depending on the configuration you choose.

If your POS crashes, you will feel like this guy. Don’t be this guy.

POS System Crash

Don ‘t let this happen to you!

The biggest environmental variables that make POS terminals fail generally include power issues (spikes, brownouts, and outages) and hard drive failures. You can eliminate both of these, but in a price conscious market these protections are often sacrificed for up front savings. Might I suggest that if you protect your investment properly, it will last twice as long. So, the upfront expense might be approximately 20% more, but if it doubles your systems life and prevents your customers from having to deal with poor service due to POS outages, isn’t it worth it?

POS purchases are generally tightly fought battles between a few companies and when it comes down to price the owner/operator says the following, “Now sharpen your pencil and give me your bottom dollar price for your system.” Because the sale involves a “sales person” who is generally a commission-based fellow with a long handle-bar mustache, the price is dropped to bare bones and the pieces that are recommended but not required are almost always dropped from the equation. This happens even though the salesperson knows that it could result in disastrous results for the owner.

If you are looking to purchase a POS system for your restaurant or retail business, then you really should spend a little more time considering those things that will maximize POS life and eliminate service hassles for you, your staff, and more importantly your customers. The smartest decision you can make is to give us a call at LionWise and let us show you how to properly protect your investment which will also maximize your ROI over the life of the system.

If you want the best POS system available that gives you, “Everything you need, and nothing you don’t”, then give LionWise a call today at 603.929.0020. Be sure and ask for the French guy in marketing or dial extension 108. He won’t help you go to war, but he can help with your POS and he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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