Simple Steps to Keep Your POS System Running All Night


Is Your Business Considering Staying Open All Night? Follow These Simple Steps to Keep Your POS System Running Continuously.

Every year around this time we get stores telling us that they will be open all night as part of the holiday season and they want to know how the procedures might change to handle the event without having to go through normal nightly closing. There can be a lot to think about when you contemplate staying open all night but these are just a few quick tips.

First some quick background info on how the POS system handles transitioning from one fiscal day to the next. As part of the initial setup when your system was installed it was configured with the time when the day change over occurs, that could be midnight or 2am or whatever time is appropriate for your particular business. As far as the registers are concerned that time is when sales totals are Z’d and shift record times are adjusted. You would not change this time for this one day event such as staying open all night for Black Friday, but it’s important that you know when that time is.

So, if your business is considering staying open all night (because you’re going to rake in the becoup bucks from all those crazy shoppers!), one option is that you simply run your normal close process just before fiscal day change over (ie…midnight for example) and run your normal open procedures just after change over (including starting with a new drawer balance). That will remove any questions or concerns about potential alternate procedures about how to handle staying open all night.

If you do not wish to run full closing procedures before the fiscal close there are some quick, simple steps you can do to keep your POS System running continuously.

Have your hourly employees clock out (and salaried employees sign out) right before your fiscal day change time and have them clock back in (or sign in for salaried) just after the changeover to be able to “work” in the new day in the system. Also, as a precaution make sure staff are not actively working on a check at changeover. The system will also warn someone if that occurs and make them take corrective action, but if you can let staff know ahead of time it’ll keep things moving right along. Lastly, don’t forget to do Paid-In’s and Paid-Out’s for the drawers during the two days.

Keep in mind that when running reports, by default they will encompass an entire fiscal day – from one day change over to the next day change over. If you want to run reports for a longer period (to get the two day totals for example) you will need to specify the desired range using one of the financial reports in the Back of House.

Now, about that big crowd of people sleeping in lawn chairs outside your door waiting until you open….

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