LionWise and LoyalTree “Close the Loop” on Mobile-to-POS Loyalty Programs

[Press Release] Pittsburgh, PA / Hampton, NH – December 27, 2012 – Starting in early 2012 LoyalTree and LionWise set out to develop the hospitality industry’s first ever fully integrated mobile-to-POS customer loyalty platform. The recent launch of the latest integrated mobile coupon-to-POS discount feature is among one of the many enhancements LoyalTree and LionWise have developed for both merchants and consumers to seamlessly facilitate loyalty transactions. For the first time, merchants and business owners do not have to rely on their front of house staff to orchestrate a promotional or earned consumer discount through the POS system – the system will do it automatically. Most loyalty programs require businesses to have a staff member or the management team facilitate the redemption of a loyalty transaction. The latest advancement from LoyalTree and LionWise revolutionizes operations. The POS can recognize a business’ LoyalTree mobile coupon and automatically apply the discount to the open check, instantly clearing that specific coupon from the customer’s smart phone once it has been redeemed by the server. Merchants no longer have to train the FOH (front of house) staff to apply the appropriate discount/coupon within the system, or worry that staff is properly following the procedures in place mainly to protect the business from fraudulent or inaccurate redemptions. By “closing the loop” and automatically handling the redemption and delivery of the discount, the merchant is assured of complete accuracy while the FOH staff is free to focus on the consumer.

LoyalTree Mobile Loyalty App

“The new integration makes our staff extremely happy because our loyalty program sustains itself. They do not have to do anything extra outside of their daily duties to give our most loyal customers points towards discounts. This allows us to focus on customer service and minimizing the length of ticket times. Our customers show the coupon from their smart phone, and then the POS automatically applies the discount, says Anna Crucitt, co-owner of Mercurio’s Artisan Gelato and Neapolitan Pizza on Walnut Street in Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA.

The LoyalTree and LionWise integration also makes it possible to accurately measure the success of marketing campaigns and in-store promotions by calculating the number of repeat customer’s average check size. “For merchants today, it’s not enough to simply know what you sold. It’s an advantage to know who you are selling it to and how often.” says Scott Filiault, President of LionWise. “Merchants need to ask their point of sale systems and loyalty programs to work smarter for them, a business can no longer afford to let customers walk thru their doors anonymously. With the enhancements we’ve made, our merchants have the controls and the analytics to gain a deeper understanding of their business.”


The integrated system allows a loyalty interaction to literally be built into every single transaction executed through the POS system. When a customer receives their receipt, they scan the code at the bottom with LoyalTree on their smart phone to earn points for all of their specific purchases made. Unlike traditional loyalty programs, this offers the consumer the freedom to claim their points based on their purchases and redeem their rewards at their own convenience. Furthermore, business’ staff can focus more on performing their daily duties and customer service as opposed to processing an additional loyalty transaction separate from the POS system.
“Our newest integration is a result of a talented design and programming team from both LionWise and LoyalTree. Our companies have listened to and worked with the end-users of our products so we can build effective, common sense mobile-to-POS solutions. This ultimately results in increased revenue for the business, streamlined operations, and most importantly… convenience and value for the consumer,” said Jim Ambrose, Director of Business Development of LoyalTree.

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