LionWise Helps You Get The Next Generation Of Digital Video Security

LIONWISE POS is integrated to the next generation of digital video security technology with WebEyeAlert giving you the ability to view both LIVE REAL-TIME VIDEO and RECORDED VIDEO via the web from anywhere!

LionWise POS provides digital security options

This powerful offering works by combining POS text information about each transaction (which is generated by the customer’s LIONWISE POS system) and overlaying it on the video being received by the system. In this manner, either live or during recorded playback, the video presents both a visual and textual representation of the POS transaction and the staff member performing the action.

Moreover, the system enables easy and quick identification of questionable transactions (exceptions) that require further investigation. Such exceptions can include, but are not limited to: sweet hearting, under rings, voids, no sales, refunds, and cashier mistakes.

LIONWISE POS integration uses the WebEyeAlert NVR+ digital video recording system to create an event list of these exceptions, which the   customer can then remotely (and discreetly) sort, search, and playback with a single-click.

The discreet, remote access is done via a standard Web browser running on a standard PC. The system is also capable of triggering a notification via e-mail, phone call or pager when one of these exceptions is detected.

LionWise POS helps with loss prevention

Tell employees and other thiefs…You are watching…always watching

According to the 2009 National Retail Security Survey – due to inventory shrinkage -  the retail industry lost over $37 billion dollars, an amount that represented about 2% of total sales revenue.

Well over 38% of the loss was attributed to internal employee theft, while 32% was the result of shoplifting.

While these are not all happy thoughts, they do represent the stark reality of employees and the threat they bring into your workplace.

LionWise helps get you the tools you need to keep your employees honest, or at least let them know that you are watching.

LionWise provides the coverage for your restaurant when you can’t watch every employee every minute of every day. LionWise’s use of  the WebEyeAlert NVR+ digital video recording system  also provides peace of mind to you the owner knowing that we are watching and recording all of the store activity for potential review at any time.

Having a system in place levels the playing field for the business and hopefully dissuades and discourages nefarious activity from occurring in the first place.

Let us help you actually receive every dollar from every hard-earned sale your business makes, every day.

Give us a call today!, you don’t know how much not making the call has cost you already! LionWise is the business partner you need and a friend you can trust. 603.929.0020

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