LIONWISE™ Best-Value Guarantee

Know You’re Making the Right Decision.

Shopping point-of-sale systems can be confusing. Our best-value guarantee ensures you are picking the system that fits the short and long-term needs of your business and budget.

The LionWise Best Value Guarantee:

Before you buy, compare all offers to what LionWise delivers. The future of your business has so much to gain, nothing to lose, guaranteed.

Purpose of Guarantee:

  • To deliver customers the best possible solution with the most compelling value.
  • To earn enduring and meaningful relationships with customers who share LionWise’s values of superior service, every customer, every day.
  • To exceed the expectations of our customers who in turn share the ongoing rewards of a LionWise solution with others who appreciate present day references over yesteryear’s edited quotes.

Customer Requirements:

  • Customer understands that no two POS solutions are ever alike. Functionality, reliability, durability, flexibility, and scalability built on future-proof technologies add significant value in reducing long term cost of ownership and the customer’s return on investment.
  • Service after the sale should be as diligent and earnest as first introductions. Customer will validate competing vendor references of new and long term customers.
  • Year-over-year fees comprise one of many cost considerations. Ease of training, system administration, and hardware life expectancy are hidden costs. Hidden and visible costs will be factored when comparing vendor proposals for total cost of ownership.
  • Before a purchase decision is made, customer’s assessment of competing solutions merits a final inspection of competing bids by LionWise for purposes of last and final bid.

Terms of Guarantee:

In exchange for customer’s participation in the fair assessment of POS providers and transparent disclosure of terms of the competing bidders, LionWise requests right for final and best bid. If you select a competing proposal within 30 days of LionWise’s final bid, LionWise guarantees your assessment is the best available for your present needs, or perhaps an errant decision has been made for the present, and future.

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