iPads are NOT built for the POS (Point-Of-Sale) Environment in Restaurants or Retail

iPad for POS

IPads are in no way ruggedized to handle the stress and strain that occurs from cashiers and servers in a restaurant or retail environment. IPads are best utilized by salespeople showing their presentations on really nice looking displays as this was one of the driving forces for the iPad in the first place. Retail-hardened POS systems have taken many years to get to where they are today for reliability and they work 24/7/365. Microsoft even developed POS-ready software that would work specifically in the POS environment.

Apple has tried to make the case that they have both hardware and software (albeit proprietary) so they should make a great fit for any restaurant or retail setting. The problem with this thinking is that customers looking to protect their investments should never get a system that they will be stuck with if they become dissatisfied within a few years. If you invest in an open-architecture, non-proprietary system and become unhappy with the software, you can always change your software provider.

Those of us that have been in the POS industry for some time have seen many proprietary systems come and go. Retailers and┬árestaurateurs┬áthat don’t want to be stuck in a bad POS marriage should avoid the situation all together by making the smart purchase of a non-proprietary POS system, like LionWise. While LionWise is not your only choice for POS, it is your best choice to maximize your investment dollars while keeping your POS investment under control.

LionWise POS allows you to choose “best in class” retail-hardened hardware with the best software solution available on the market today.

LionWise allows you to protect your investment and has successfully assisted many merchants in switching out old POS software for newer more functional software without having to re invest in new hardware.

If you want to get the best hardware and software for your operation, give LionWise a call today at 603-929-0020.

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