It’s time for a Hybrid POS!

Many of today’s merchants find themselves struggling with their POS operations as they step out of their traditional business model and into a mixed-mode retail/restaurant hybrid model.

LionWise POS and 3 reasons why you need POS for your restaurant

LionWise POS…Everything you need, and nothing you don’t

Retailers are finding that their traditional POS does not support hospitality functions, and restaurateurs are finding their traditional POS does not support retail functions.  Every merchant hopes that deploying two systems is not the answer.

Where does that leave merchants who are adding complementary services to their core business to increase revenues? They need a Hybrid POS that matches their expanded operations.

An item is an item is an item…

Whether it’s retailers adding food service to promote their core retail products or restaurants who are adding retail operations to boost sales, the point of sale system needs to accommodate the many ways a customer might interact with the business.  Whether an item is sold on a menu, a store shelf or online the point of sale system should seamlessly handle the transaction workflow and backoffice reporting needs of the merchant.  That’s the beauty of hybrid POS.

Mixed-mode retail/restaurant hybrid model

LionWise point of sale was built from the ground up to handle the diverse needs of a mixed-mode retail/restaurant hybrid model.  Any terminal on the floor or any tablet on walk-about has the power and flexibility to get the job done pos-considerationsright and the consolidated reporting capabilities let you see the data all in one place.  So whether it’s making sure special orders are accurately making it to the kitchen or spot-checking quantity on hand availability and updating physical inventory counts, LionWise has it covered.


So if you are expanding your brand and need a POS that can grow with you, the LionWise Hybrid POS solution is just the ticket.

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