How Much Does a New POS System Cost?


Anyone can do a Google search these days and come up with a fantastic deal on a POS system. But a fantastic deal does not always mean a fantastic POS system. Just as a business owner makes decisions about what products to make available for sale to their customers balancing price to quality, the same decision should be made in looking for the best POS system for their business.

The Cost of a New POS System Will Vary Greatly Depending on a Number of Factors:

1. Cost of POS Software

Many times a restaurateur or a retailer might feel that POS is POS. At Lionwise, we don’t feel that all POS is equal. The business owner should look at many variables when evaluating POS such as ease of use by a new employee. Additional training time costs money. A difficult to use POS system could also cost you customers if is slows down the sales process.

At LionWise, we deliberately designed our ordering screens to keep them as uncluttered as possible. A maze of colors and numerous buttons only cause confusion with the staff so LionWise keeps screens as clean as possible. By simply touching an item, a list will appear of what functions can then be performed on the item, eliminating mistakes by waitstaff and cashiers. With our back of the house functionality, we took the attitude that a businessman would not have to have a technology degree in order to manage their database. Our philosophy at LionWise is that your time is valuable and should be spent managing your business not being confused trying to manage your POS system.

2. Cost of POS Hardware

At LionWise, we believe that you should always start with quality hardware, meant for the rigors of a business environment. For example, the touchscreen workstation in a restaurant or bar will have to put up with a much harsher environment than the touchscreen in a bookstore.

The touchscreen computers are also easily damaged by power fluctuations so we provide each system with Smart Power devices allowing the workstations to be plugged into any electrical outlet without worry of damage. These Smart Power devices also have a battery option, allowing the workstations to continue to run for short periods of time in the event of a power outage.

3. Cost of POS Training

Many POS companies will send a trainer on-site to spend 8 hours with their customer, teaching them how to use the POS system. At LionWise, we have found that training for 8 hours straight only leads to information overload for our customers. Our training is done at our customer’s convenience, where they can sit at their computers and we can remotely do 30-60 minute training sessions via internet technology. The effectiveness of training the customers in short sessions is validated in that our Help Desk receives very few calls from newly installed customers. They are comfortable in using their new LionWise POS system.

4. Cost of POS Support

LionWise understands that our customer’s busiest times will be nights, weekends and holidays. Those busy times will also be when the customer might need immediate support from LionWise. This is why our Help Desk is 24/7/365 and you will also speak with one of us at LionWise. We do not third party our Help Desk to another country.

We also offer hardware support for the workstations and printers that is very economical and fast, to maximize your up time by minimizing any downtime.

LionWise Company Philosophy

The foundation of business is not in making a customer but in keeping them a customer. This can only be done with exceptional service and support.

So when you are looking for a new POS system for your business, look first at LionWise. You cannot find another POS system that can provide your with a lower total cost of ownership while at the same time provide you with super features and functionalities.

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