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So, your POS salesperson has just told you that their POS system is 100% customizable. Are you impressed? You shouldn’t be. This means that the company you are dealing with has lazy programmers that don’t understand optimal screen layouts. They also don’t understand that you as a business owner will need to train new employees on your fancy completely customized POS system.

Some of our competitors say that you can have hundreds of items on one screen. How big is the screen your cashiers or servers are using? 50″ or more? Not likely. Even if it was just imagine how long it would take to find an item on such a busy screen. We believe that your POS screen layouts need to be neat and clean with logical groupings and order hierarchies. LionWise does allow customization but not to the point that it will actually hurt your operation. Our programmers have studied the minds of many cashiers and servers and have developed the cleanest POS design available.¬†We want your customers to have the best experience possible while minimizing frustration on the part of your staff.

LionWise understands the reality that you need your system to be designed to be intuitive and you do not want your employees playing hunt and peck looking for the right item to ring up. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to complete a customer’s transaction simply because you can’t locate the item they bought on your POS screen because it isn’t layed out properly. Categories, Subcategories, and Items should be set in a logical order. Many times just placing the items in alphabetical order helps, but is even better when you build quick order modes that handle the most likely items you will be selling. LionWise also gives you the ability to scan an item, or look up the item, in addition to a fancy button that can have a logo on a menu.

The programmers at LionWise will build your POS screens with your staff and customers in mind. Everyone wants a fast POS transaction, but throwing hundreds of buttons on a 15″ Touch Screen does nothing but create chaos. We are betting you have enough chaos on a daily basis to not have to worry about POS screen design, layout, and optimal flow.

Give our handsome, tall, smart, and over-achieving sales team a call and let us show you the LionWise POS difference.

All POS companies are NOT created equal!

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