Frequently Asked Questions About POS Systems


Looking into a POS system for the first time? Looking to upgrade your old POS and wonder if everyone has the same issues you do? At LionWise, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about POS systems. Here is a list of the top 5 POS questions as submitted by our users over time.

Top 5 Frequently Asked POS Questions

Q. Credit cards aren’t going through. What’s the problem?

The vast majority of the time this situation is due to the loss of your local internet connection. To help troubleshoot and resolve this issue you need to determine if your internet connection is “up”. If all the POS terminals are having the same issue with cards not going thru, then the next step is to see if you can access the Internet in some other fashion. Check if your POS terminal is configured with an internet browser (not all terminals have that available). If yours does, open the browser and try going to your favorite website. If using the browser fails, you will most likely need to contact your ISP. If you are comfortable with doing so you can try rebooting the ISP modem and/or router before calling the ISP to see if that resolves it. On the other hand, if you are able to connect to the internet using your browser and credit cards still aren’t going through, contact your POS support provider.

Q. Order tickets aren’t printing in the kitchen (or bar).

If you have a situation where orders that have been put into the system aren’t printing tickets at one of the remote prep printers, the first step is to check for an error light on the printer. If there is an error light, try the obvious things like making sure the paper roll is situated correctly, make sure the ink ribbon is ok and make sure the door on the printer is closed. If the error light persists, try to give the printer a good cleaning inside and out as small paper fragments and other debris can become lodged in the printer. If you try that and the error light remains, the printer most likely needs to go out for repair.

If there is no error light yet tickets still are not printing, check network connectivity. Ensure that connections are tight both at the printer and at the network switch. Green and yellow lights on either side of the network connection are indications that there is activity on the other end of the cable (good), no green/yellow lights (bad) typically indicates either the cable isn’t seated properly at one end or the other, the cable is damaged, or the port on one of the devices may have an issue. You’ll need to fix the network issue before tickets will start printing again.

If the network looks ok, try a test print from inside the POS application using the Maintenance -> Configuration -> Printers form. If that test works and still no tickets, verify that items defined in the system are configured properly to print to this printer from the Maintenance -> Items form. If that test fails, contact your POS provider.

Q. Why are we showing outstanding and/or carried over totals on our Daily Financial report?

Outstanding and/or Carried Over totals are an indication that there are open checks in the system from a prior fiscal day. There are many reasons a property might need to carry a check across fiscals days, the most common is a future order. In most cases if your business is not in the habit of taking future orders it means someone inadvertently left a check open. To correct this situation go to Maintenance -> View Open Checks to see which staff member have open checks and close/void them if necessary.

Q. What is a “master key” and why am I being prompted to change it.

The master key is used to encrypt credit card data and passwords within your LionWise system. PCI rules requires that this key is changed annually. You can change your master key in the Maintenance -> System Management -> Change Master Key form. You must supply the current master key in order to create a new one so it is imperative that you remember what the current key is. Follow PCI regulations and best practices when it comes to master key management and storage.

Q. My BOH (Back-Of-House) user ID is locked. Why do I have to change the BOH password every 90 days?

If your BOH ID is preventing you from accessing the POS system because it is “locked”, another staff member with manager rights can generally unlock your ID and/or reset your password. Use the Maintenance -> Employee form. PCI rules require that these passwords are changed at least every 90 days to help prevent unauthorized use. Passwords must be at least 7 characters long and contain at least 1 letter and 1 number.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact LionWise today.

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