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POS companies come and go, this presents a real challenge for the average retailer or restaurateur evaluating POS solutions. POS software is not created equal. POS software can be made to look like a quality product but you don’t know if its good or not until you install it. Then, you are HOSED! TOO LATE, DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER

It is extremely important to find a company that has been established for several years and has a reference list that you need to call and ask how the software actually works. Even more important is the service behind the product, buyer beware, CHECK REFERENCES don’t just assume that because a sales rep gives you a list that every user is happy with the product or the service.

Why? Because when you’re purchasing POS software solution for your business, you’re not just purchasing a product. You’re purchasing the commitment from that company to be there when you need them. To provide software updates, tech support, training, solve hardware problems and to consult with when the time comes to upgrade systems.

Additionally, you need someone that is available 24/7, or as close to that as possible. Imagine your system going down on a busy Saturday morning and tech support isn’t available until Monday morning.

It is vital not only that the company have a long standing history, but also a reputation for good customer service.

Take the time to do your research. Don’t simply ask a friend what they’re using or base your buying decision on a website and a free on-line demo. Take the necessary steps to determine which software products will best fit your needs and budget and then talk to sales representatives at each company. Ask for a personal demonstration of the software, ask for references, and call them. I can’t stress this enough, please call our LionWise references. Hands down we have better references than any of our competitors. Don’t believe me? CHECK THE REFERENCES, the more you look at LionWise the more you will feel comfortable making a smart POS choice.

Finding the right software to optimize your business and save you time and money can be an overwhelming and challenging process but it is one that you should take seriously.

Check out an online demo or give us a call at 603.929.0020

We will give you a comprehensive list of references that have had our system for years. We stand behind our product, we have everything you need and nothing you don’t!

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