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Would you like to reduce the amount of charge backs you have in your retail store? If so, keep reading. If not, you should keep reading anyway, this is hard stuff to write at 1 am. 

Signature Capture LionWise POS

We will capture you!


LionWise POS will show you how by adding signature capture you can reduce charge backs which helps you keep your operation in the black.

LionWise POS will also show you how you can speed the customers checkout time which makes them more likely to return in the future. Who wants to stand in a long checkout line? No one.


Retailer that have implemented a credit card receipt and signature management solution have indicated that they have been able to reduce charge backs for  by 75%.

Electronic Signature Legality

When investigating signature capture, retailers ask about the legality of a signature captured electronically, versus ones captured with pen on paper. Federal legislation that validates the equal level of contract enforceability of both “electronically signed” and “blue ink” documents includes:

  • Electronic Signature Global and National Commerce Act

  • Uniform Electronic Transaction Act

  • Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act

Per the Information Security Committee, Section of Science & Technology, American Bar Association (1998, Information Security Committee, Section of Science & Technology, American Bar Association) , “where the rule of law requires a signature, or provides for certain consequences in the absence of a signature, that rule is satisfied by a digital signature which is affixed by the signer with the intention of signing the message, and verified by reference to the public key listed in a valid certificate”.

This guideline provides that a digital signature satisfies formal requirements of a signature. It states that a digital signature, like a paper signature, is principally an authentication mechanism.

Electronic Signature Capture Summary

In summary, electronic signature capture and automated receipt retrieval provides a quantifiable and qualitative return to retailers. In the store, electronic signature capture speeds customer service by eliminating paper receipt handling and the customer signing process. Physical handling of credit card receipts in the back office is also eliminated and the opportunity for employee fraud is decreased.

Most importantly, the look up errors, labor cost, penalties and losses involved in responding to charge back requests are minimized, if not completely eliminated. Electronic signature and receipt management eliminates the labor cost and makes it worthwhile to respond to all requests regardless of ticket size. Also the legal and security issues involved in the storage and shredding of outdated receipts is removed.

LionWise is certified on many different signature capture devices and platforms, for more detailed information contact LionWise today at 603.929.0020

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