5 New Year’s Retail Resolutions for a Better POS System


Are you considering buying a POS system for your retail business in 2014? A retail POS is a critical component to keeping your business running smoothly. Taking some time to examine the various features and aspects of point of sale systems will ensure you select a POS that will do the most for your retail business and help keep operations running smoothly and effectively for years to come.

Here are 5 Resolutions for a Better POS to Help Retail Businesses Run More Efficiently in 2014:

1. I Will Reduce My Annual Cost of Ownership – LionWise offers ‘Factory’ Direct Pricing and Technical Support Services 24x7x365. By selling direct and avoiding the middle-man (local resellers) LionWise can save you up to 40% on your cost compared to other retail point of sale (POS) systems.

2. I Will Have More Control and be Better Connected to my POS safely and securely with my retail POS solution anytime, anywhere. LionWise helps to:

  • Manage people, products, vendors
  • Review reports that measure performance
  • Schedule custom reports for print and export
  • Export data to PDF, Excel and QuickBooks
  • Automate reports for scheduled email to key personnel
  • Provide cloud based multi-store reporting and employee scheduling
  • Enable efficient and consistent standards for Franchisee Operations

3. I Will be POS-DSS Compliant – As of April 8, 2014 Point of Sale users with the Microsoft XP Pro operating system and integrated credit card processing will be rendered non-compliant under PCI-DSS requirements. Don’t be caught by surprise, if you have an existing point of sale system take the time to make sure you aren’t one of the many affected by this.

4. I Will Assess Retail POS Systems for:

  • Best fit for improving my Business, my Employees, my Top & Bottom Line
  • Daily System Performance for our customers, clerks, management
  • Quality of Vendor Provided Services and Help Desk
  • Ease of use and training
  • Total Cost of Ownership

5. I Will Make My New Year Better by Calling LionWise for a POS Quick Quote!!

The LionWise Mantra
“The foundation of our business is not in making a customer but in keeping them a customer.” Scott Filiault, President

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